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Books by successful women that will change your life!

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There a few books I have read over the years that have greatly impacted by life. These 3 books by women that I admire are some of them. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Believe It: I have been honored to be a part of Jamie’s Insider Book Launch Team. Jamie’s raw story of her journey to building IT Cosmetics and selling it for 1 Billion was so inspiring and motivating! If you have ever had a dream but are too scared to see it through, or you just want to read an inspiring story, then you need to read this book! Buy your copy today at Amazon on sale for just $14.92. Also available on Kindle and Audible!

A Tribe Called Bliss: This book by Lori Harder is a game changer for your friendships. If you are looking for a way to build a tribe or even strengthen the one you have, then grab this book. Actually, grab a few copies and give them to your tribe or those you want to be a part of your tribe. I promise, it will deepen your relationships 100%! On Amazon for $9.29

Build an Empire: Knowing Elena personally makes this book even higher on my list of favorites. She lives the life she writes about. She shows in her day to day life, how you can build an empire and keep it. This book not only will help you with your career but your marriage as well. This book is great for every woman AND man who wants to 10X their life in all areas. Grab your digital, physical or audio book here starting at only $4.97.


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