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Buddy the Elf Snow Globe Ornament

Remember the cute NYC snowglobe from the Elf movie? Well if Elf is the theme for your next party, then this craft is perfect!

Buddy Elf snow globe craft

Buddy Elf snow globe craft supplies

Step 1

Gather Supplies:

  • Dollar Tree Snowglobe Ornament

  • White craft foam

  • Glue gun or craft glue

  • Fake snow

  • Small trees

  • Wooden NYC Skyline

  • Ribbon

Buddy Elf snow globe craft supplies
Step 2

Cut your NYC skyline in half if your globe is not large enough for the entire piece. I had my dad do this for me with his wood saw but this x-Acto wood knife would be perfect. Then color the cut edges with brown marker. I just used a wooden furniture marker I had.

Step 3

Take your craft foam and trace the ornament base on the foam to get the size right. You can keep trimming it to make sure the top can screw on with foam inside. Test that it fits before moving on to step 4.

Step 4

Glue the skyline and trees to the foam. I like to stagger them a bit so you can see more of it. Then glue minature trees to the foam. I removed one of the bases on the tree so there was some height difference in the trees. Then glue the foam to the base.

Step 6

Add snow to the dome. Then secure base. Now you can add some ribbon to hang or you can even use a ordinary ornament hanger. It's your choice!


With this craft you can choose other sizes of ornaments such as these larger ones from Michaels. Then you can order larger skylines as well. I think that would looks so cool!

Another option is to use the snap together clear bulb ornaments and glue them to a snowglobe shaped wooden base. Here is a step by step on how to do that from You could even glue paper to the wooden back to look like the sky (or paint it blue) and then paint the bottom white like the base of the snowglobe.

Can't wait to see and hear about your Elfmas party! For more tips on how to host your party check out my Elfmas Party blog!


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