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Expert Decorating Tips To Make Your Home More Inviting

They say to surround yourself with people who know more than you and have different talents than you. It makes your world more colorful 🙂 Anyways, I have a friend who is a home design genius! She designed my dream home from top to bottom and I am forever grateful!

I wanted to bring her home decorating tips and ideas to YOU! So I asked her a few questions to Stacey Puliatti from Puliatti Living about how you can make your home an inviting space for your guests:

Me: What colors would you recommend to create an inviting space?

Stacey P: I believe in creating a soothing palette. Warm ivory’s, pale pale greige ( grey and beige mixed together) and even some deep colors can bring a calming effect. I have many favorites but here are a few of my go to colors: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, Intellectual Grey by Sherwin Williams, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, Gauntlet Grey by Sherwin Williams and Purbeck Stone by Farrow and Ball

Me: What type items or decorations invoke a feeling of, “welcome to my home?”

Stacey P: I would say I like to bring life and inclusion into the home with beautiful pottery, great quality throw pillows and fabulous greenery. You can use live plants or very realistic faux ones. Pottery Barn has great faux plant options.

Me: What are small changes someone can make?

Stacey P: This is a tough question. I think the best answer is, if you are looking for a big impact but don’t have the time or funds for an overhaul, add an area rug. This brings a new design element making the room feel finished and properly decorated. You can make a great impact by adding the perfect rug!

Me: What is a common mistake a lot of people make when trying to create a warm environment?

Stacey P: Using the wrong paint colors can really throw balance off in a house. You want to make sure that you are creating an environment that has a calming and welcoming effect.

Over decorating can also be a turn off for your guests. Keeping your decor neat and tidy without the clutter of 1000 knickknacks is the way to go.

Stacey P: Thank you so much for inviting me on inspired to invite as your design expert! I love your blog and think it has great value for women and men looking for great entertaining ideas, giving them all the courage to invite.

If you are looking for an interior designer, than Stacey is your gal. Contact her at

Happy Hosting!


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