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Galentine's Party Ideas

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February is a perfect time of year to celebrate love. It doesn't have to be just romantic love, it can also be friendship love! Which is why a Galentine's Party is one of my favorite ways to show how much my girlfriends mean to me. Here are a few ideas for your next Galentine's get together. Just click on the photos to see more or purchase.


If you want to bring it old school and do physical invitations, these I have found on Etsy are so much fun. It is a downloadable file you can edit. Print it or attach it to an email.


There are so many great Galentine's decorations out there but here are a few I absolutely love.

Garlands:You can use these to create a photo backdrop or just a backdrop for your food table.

Backdrop: To create a photo backdrop attach one of these curtains to a wall, then attach the garland on top. Here are a few that would work great:

Additions: For more decor you can add balloon garlands or flowers like these below.


Now let's move on to tableware. These are all perfect for setting the Galentine's table!


Mimosa bars, cocktails, wine, soda, whatever you are serving, these will add more glam to your glass!

Game Time:

If you and your girls are the game playing type these look so fun!

Party Favors:

Don't forget to pamper your guests with some gifts!

Hope you have so much fun celebrating your Galentines!

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