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Grinchmas Party

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Last year’s Christmas party was Grinch themed and it was SO much fun! Here are a few tips and ideas you can implement into your Grinchmas Party!


Grinchmas Party Decorations

For decorations I found some awesome ones at Hobby Lobby. They have tons of home decor that is Grinch themed as well as party decorations. Check out my Amazon Idea list for a few items I found.

Oriental Trading also has quite a few really great party supplies, games and crafts. Check them out here.

My favorite decoration was these super fun Grinch trees I made. Check out my video on how I made them!

Grinchmas Party Game

Games & Activities:

Let’s start with the games! I made this cute punch our game and filled each hole with prizes like candy, gift cards and fun toys/gadgets. Rules and instructions on how to make it can be found here.

Next we played our annual Christmas Family Feud. The family that wins, gets a prize! You can download a new game every year or if you didn’t finish from the previous year, just use the rounds that are left over. What I love about this website is that you are supporting teachers with your purchase! To purchase the games head to

Grinchmas Party Activity

Our next activity is always a gingerbread house decorating competition.Once the kids are done we post photos of all the houses on Facebook and ask friends to vote. At the end of the party we announce the winner family! I was not able to find a Whoville themed gingerbread house kit so I bought a whimsical looking cottage kit then purchased more bright sprinkles to match the bright colors Whoville has.

Grinchmas Party Treats

The last activity was making Peppermint Grinch Popcorn. It’s super easy to make and is so cute! Just start with a bunch of popped popcorn and crushed peppermint sticks. Then melt light green candy melts from Michaels in the microwave according to directions. Once melted, drizzle over popcorn that you have in an extra large bowl. Stir gently to coat the popcorn. Next, sprinkle crushed peppermint, these cute red heart sprinkles and some green sprinkles. Stir gently again. Next lay out the popcorn on parchment paper to dry. Once dry, place in Christmas treat boxes or goodie bags for the kids to take home!

Grinchmas Party Food


This year instead of dinner we did a breakfast. So what is more fun than some green pancakes?! We purchased a green pancake mix from Walmart or you can buy this from Amazon. Another option is to just add some food coloring to a regular batch of pancake mix.


Lastly was our outfits. If you have seen my Christmas party posts from the past I always like to dress the theme. Here is a great matching set for the whole family. They have so many sizes to choose from. Of course I had to get the dogs some fun gear too. They were such a good sport about wearing these “Antlers” I got on Amazon. They look just like Max from the Grinch!

Grinchmas Party Pajamas

Can’t wait to hear how you make your own Grinchmas party!


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