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How To Create The Perfect Brunch Event

I absolutely love hosting brunches for my girlfriends. A few years ago I started hosting gatherings with local women and the brunch idea worked well for most of them. They could drop their children off at school, get ready and head over for “her time”. Here are some photos and ideas I have used in the past that may inspire you to host a brunch this year!

Brunch Table Setting

Table Settings:

First, let’s talk about table settings and decor. When I had my vision of this brunch idea everything was bright and beautiful, like a dream.

In order to make my vision come to life, I ordered some bright, floral tablecloths. The one pictured here is from Wayfair (it doesn’t look like they have it anymore sadly). They have so many and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here is one that is stunning! Another option is to head down to your local thrift store and find some if you’re on a budget.

For plates, cups and utensils, you can always buy disposable. There are some great clear ones at the Dollar Tree even. You can also use what you have at home or get a fancy china set at your thrift store.

For napkins, I love the added touch of cloth ones. White is a great option as you can easily bleach out any stains. Amazon has a set of 24 for $14.99.

Now, let’s add some flowers! I love hydrangeas, they are simple and so full that you don’t need too many. You can usually find these at your grocery store. Flowers add a little touch of elegance to any setting and us ladies like that!

Brunch Table Setting
Conversation starters:

If you have a group of women who don’t know each other very well, add some conversation starters to the table. No one wants to sit and eat in silence with a group of people. This will break the ice and help make everyone more comfortable to enjoy themselves.

Here are a few I used:

-Name a book that has changed your life.

-Where is your favorite vacation destination?

-Do you have any pets? (pet owners love this one)

-What was the highlight of your week?

-What is your favorite restaurant?

-What was your worst fashion disaster?

-If you could love anywhere in the world, where would it be?

-If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?

-What is one thing you can’t live without?

Brunch Food IDeas
Now for the star of the show…FOOD!

Brunch is all about breakfast combined with lunch. In order to cut costs you can ask each guest to bring a dish. This time I called the event “Muffins and Mimosas”. I had each lady bring her favorite muffins. If you try this one, make sure to provide some proteins. Otherwise, you will be overloaded with carbs, lol! You can also ask one of your closest friends to bring some fruit.

Food ideas: -Quiches

-Boiled eggs -Bacon/sausage -Fruit Plate -Cheese Plate -Egg Casserole -Pancakes/Waffles -Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches -Yogurt Bar -Salad -Chicken & Waffles (mini waffles w/chick-fil-a nugget)

Brunch Drink IDeas

Let’s not forget the drinks! Brunch is great time for a Mimosa Bar. I love buying these premade ones. All you do is gently shake them up to combine the juice and champagne.

Place different fruit in bowls so your guests can add them to their glasses. It makes the mimosas so pretty. Berries are always great for this.

Also, have water, coffee or juices available for those that prefer to not drink alcohol.

If this inspires you to host a brunch comment below!


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