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Inspired to invite

When I was young my mom threw the best birthday parties for my sister and I. I still reminisce about them to this day. Her themes, decorations and homemade cakes made it unforgettable. She didn’t go all out or spend a lot of money but they were always super special. Her abounding creativity is something I still strive for to this day. Her mother also loved to entertain. I believe my love for making people feel special through events is ingrained in me through them. But I didn’t always see it...

They say whatever your ‘super power’ or ‘gift’ is will come natural to you. You may not see it but others do. You may love to cook and think that making delicious meals is easy for everyone but that is because it’s YOUR gift. So naturally, I thought that others liked to host as much as I did.

A few years ago I became frustrated that my friends didn’t host many gatherings. I wanted to connect with people, did they not want to connect with me? Then I realized that the reason I was upset about the lack of hosting was because it was what I was called to do, not them. It probably never crossed their minds to host a special Bunco night or wine tasting event. It became evident once I opened up my home, that they did want to spend time with others and connect.

People want connections. We are created for it. The unfortunate quarantine of 2020 helped us realize that. There are individuals waiting out there for YOU to invite them in. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just thoughtful and sincere. You don’t have to be a professional hostess or event coordinator for your guests to know that you care.

My grandmother entertaining her guests

In this blog, I will share ideas to make your home more inviting, hosting tips, party ideas and more. I hope these posts inspire you to open your door and invite others in. Follow me and I will show you how can make an impact on those around you one invite at a time.


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I created this blog to have a place to share my ideas and help you create an inviting environment for your guests. 

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