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Kick-Off The Summer Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

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When my kids were little I would surprise them after the last day of school with a Summer gift basket. They looked forward to it every summer and so did I. Here are a few ideas for making your child’s beginning of summer baskets full of fun!

Baskets/Bags: First start with a fun gift basket. One year I found these cool Minion totes which can also be used all summer. They don’t have to be super expensive, just fun. You can get bags/totes as well as all the goodies at stores like Walmart, Dollar Tree and Five Below for great prices. These cute gift baskets don’t have to break the bank to bring a smile to your child’s face!

Summer Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

Goodies: Now let’s fill the basket! Each year I would add some new goggles and flip flops, cause we all know they are ready for new ones each summer right? You can also do a color or character theme! Here is a list of other fun items to add: Bubbles Art/Craft Kits Coloring Books Sidewalk Chalk Spray Chalk Age Appropriate Pool Toys Travel Games (if a trip is planned) Tie-Dye kits (don’t forget an item to dye) Glow sticks/bracelets Reusable Water Balloons Beach Towels

Summer Gift Basket For Kids

Adventure Book: Lastly, I would add an updated “Layne Summer Adventures” book that would include activities we could do for the summer. The kids can then choose from the list of what they think sounds fun. You can add things you already have planned such as family vacations or visiting relatives. I like to include photos/pics to help for those early readers and it just makes it look more fun!

Here are some ideas I have included in ours over the years: -Zoo -Amusement Park -Summer Blockbuster Movies -$1/$2 movies (these are going to be from year ago but still fun) -Bowling -Trampoline Park (like Skyzone, or Urban Air) -Nature Center -Skating Rink -Chucky Cheese or local pizza place with arcade -Theater In The Park or local kids theater -Major or Minor League Baseball Game -MLS or MWSL Soccer Game -Summer Camps ((check your local parks and rec dept.) -Roads Trips or Visiting Family (things you already have planned)

Summer Gift Basket For Kids

Hope your summer is adventurous!


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