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Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ideas

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A little party never killed nobody....but did it? With these fun murder mystery party ideas you and your guests will have a killer good time.

There are so many fun themes for these murder mystery parties. We just completed one for our Christmas party and it was a blast. Each guest will be a character in the mystery game. I do recommend sending the character info before hand if you are crunched on time. That way the guests can get familiar with their character and dress like them if they want!

You can also download this file to print envelopes to place each guests' character information in. You can print on plain paper, sticker paper or directly onto a 5x7 sized white envelope. These were a hit at my party! Just click here to download the file.

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Here are some themes and decor ideas to go along with them:

Murder Mystery Party Idea

This printable murder mystery pack has a Big Top theme. Can be used for 10-20 characters. You may also purchase already printed out package here.

Recommended Decor:


Murder Mystery Party Ideas

A fabulous evening of fashion, fabulousness, and fatalities – in the 90s! This one comes with themed cocktail recipes, drink labels and invitations, as well as certificates for the players at the end. There are a few different sets to choose from: 5-10 guests, 5-15 guests, 5-15 ALL FEMALE

Recommended Decor:


Murder Mystery Party

Venture into the 1920s with this highly interactive, at-home 1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery Party game. Includes wine bottle labels, awards and party posters.

Choose from 5-9 guests, 5-9 all female, 10-20 guests, 10-20 all female, 10-20 guests PG, 21-30 guests expasion pack, 30+ guests expansion pack. (Keep oin mind if you do the expansion packs you must purchase the 10-20 guests ones as well) There is also a preprinted pack to purchase here.

If you would like a more custom 1902's game Guilty Games will change it to fit your party, number of Guests and Genders. (This is company I have used in the past.)

Recommended Decor:

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

The Royal Casino, one of the most famous casinos in Vegas, was having a special casino night for all of the rich and famous celebrities and clientele. It was a very exclusive invite-only event thrown by Royal Capone, and the guest list was very specially curated. Those invited were some of the most famous and influential people in the country, ranging from singers to actors to billionaires. Yet when an uninvited guest snuck into the casino, someone must have found him because he was later found dead.

Recommended Decor:

General Crime Scene Decor:

Hope you have a bloody good time hosting your murder mystery party!

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