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Olympic Themed Family Camping Trip

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Our annual family camping trip is coming up so I’m starting to get excited and in the camping spirit. One summer the rescheduled olympics was on TV so we had an idea to host our own family olympics! Here are the details on how had so much fun with a family olympic camping trip!

Olympics Themed Camping Trip Team Banner

TEAM COLORS: Since the Olympic flag has 5 colored rings in red, blue, black, yellow and green, and we have 5 families, we decided to use those as our family team colors. (One of the families unfortunately couldn’t make it so as you see in the pics we are missing red).

A couple of us families chose to buy clothing and other items in our team colors to make it more fun for us. At Party City you can find a bunch of clothing, and other items like banners in any color. I purchased a lot of our items on Amazon. Like these Socks & Bandanas.

Olympics Themed Camping Trip Team Banner

CRAFTS: For crafts we did a few things that helped with team spirit. The first was team flags. I purchased these flags from Amazon. Keep in mind they are VERY thin. We used black paint to decorate them with a team name or slogan. Since they are so thin, the paint bled through a lot. I would suggest either large black sharpies or puffy paint. As well as placing a large piece of cardboard under the flag until it dries.

Olympics Themed Camping Trip Craft

The second craft was our team shirts! Everyone brought a white shirt to tie-dye in there team colors. Since tie-dye kits don’t come with very large bottles of one specific color I would recommend buying them individually, like these ones from Amazon. You will most likely need about 3-4 bottles per family. Or you can buy these refill packets instead of buying more bottles. Don’t forget a package of rubber bands so everyone can create fun patterns! We chose to do both of these projects the first night so we had time for the shirts to dry over night so we could wear them the next few days for team games!

Lastly, I purchased pony beads in each team color so they could make bracelets. I also had letter beads if they wanted to put their last names or teal slogan. Don’t forget elastic cords and scissors!

If you have smaller kids that are into more crafts, this Olympic Torch craft would great for them.

Olympics Themed Camping Trip games

SPORTS: Now let’s talk about how to earn a medal! I purchased a pack of these fun medals for whichever person/team won a competition. This pack comes with gold, silver and bronze so we were able to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each sport. For the games we did kickball, corn hole, lawn darts.

Olympics Themed Camping Trip Prizes

For more camping tips check out my other blog on “How to host an epic camping trip”


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