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Oreo Truffle Footballs

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Kick off to football season is upon us! What better way to bring in the NFL season with a fun dessert! These oreo cookie footballs were a HUGE hit at our Superbowl party but they are perfect for any football party.

Football shaped oreo truffles

SUPPLIES: Let’s begin with the non-food supplies:

  • Candy Mold-For these footballs you will need a candy mold in the shape of a football. I purchased these on Amazon.

  • Melting Pot-To make the melting of the candy easier I recommend a special candy melting pot like this one, it will keep the candy melted as you work. You can also melt the candy in a bowl in the microwave but you have to work quickly as the candy will begin to harden.

  • Brushes-Lastly, a food safe brush similar to these to paint on the laces

Now for the food:

  • 2 bags of candy melts (You will need these in your teams colors. Or if you prefer to just do traditional color, you can purchase brown and then white candy melts)

  • A pack of 36 golden Oreos

  • 8oz of Cream Cheese

Football shaped oreo truffles


  1. Place Oreos in food processor until evenly ground.

  2. In a large bowl add room temp cream cheese and the ground Oreos. Mix well.

  3. Store in fridge until ready to add to football mold.

  4. Now, melt candy completely. You can start with the football color first if not using a 2 pot melting system.

  5. Coat football shaped molds with melted candy and place in fridge or freezer until hardened.

  6. Place some chilled dough in each football mold and flatten down.

  7. Then coat dough with more melted candy to make the back of the football.

  8. Allow to harden in fridge or freezer.

  9. Once hardened, gently remove the footballs from the mold.

  10. Take a brush or toothpick and dip in opposite color (or white). Paint on the laces to the football.

  11. Allow to harden again before plating

Football shaped oreo truffles

OPTIONAL GRASS INSTRUCTIONS If you would like to make edible grass to plate your footballs on here is how to do that: All you need is green food coloring, Shredded coconut and Karo syrup!

  1. Place coconut in bowl or gallon ziploc bag.

  2. Add drops of green food coloring.

  3. Mix until all coconut is covered and green. Set aside.

  4. Now drizzle Karo syrup on plate and brush to coat.

  5. Then cover syrup with “grass”.

  6. Lastly, place footballs on grass and you’re done!

Here is a step by step video that might be super helpful!

Football shaped oreo truffles


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