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4 Simple Things That Will Make A Big Difference At Your Events

Have a gathering or dinner planned and don’t have much time to make it over the top? No worries, just add these simple things that will make a big difference at your event.

Flowers: You’re probably already at the store grabbing food for your event right? Now just head over to the floral department and grab a bundle that is on sale or one that matches the decor you are trying to portray! Or cut some fresh flowers right from your garden. Trim the ends of the stems about one inch. Add flowers, water & food to a vase, then place your table or island. Voila!

Music – Playing music lightly in the background is always a great idea for parties! That way if there is a lull in the conversation there won’t be pure silence in the air. Plus, depending on the type of party you are hosting, the type of music can get the vibe going and sets the tone. Choose upbeat for a birthday party. Jazz or easy listening for a wine party.

Presentation: Have store bought goods? Just transfer those over to a nice plate or tiered tray. Shh, no one needs to know you didn’t make them 😉 This simple act makes a big difference in my opinion

Joy: Don’t forget to have a good time. Your attitude sets the tone for the guest. Have fun and they will too! Trust me, joy is infectious.


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