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5 myths people have about hosting

There are some myths that you may have about hosting events. These myths can hold you back from inviting people into your home. Here is a list of myths, that even I have believed in the past. I hope that after you read the truth behind the myths, you see that YOU can host an event too:

Myth #1: Decor has to be over the top.

Truth: If you’re like me you love the pics of over the top decor for events but it stresses you out even thinking about pulling it off. Some people have an extraordinary gift for decorating and laying out a table. If you don’t have that gift, then please do not sweat it! Do what you can, what you like, what is in your budget and have fun. It doesn’t have to look like you’re a seasoned event planner to have a great event.

Myth #2: Everything must be perfect

Truth: I used to stress over perfection for my events. If it didn’t turn out perfect I was super disappointed. Of course, that disappointment shown through me during the events. Your event won’t be perfect, and that ok! What is important, is how your guests feel and if they have a great time. Problems will arise, food will go wrong, decor will not stay put, the weather may change but as long as you roll with the punches, your event will be a success.

Myth #3: I need a large home

Truth: No matter the size of your home, you can host an event. Have you ever been in a space that seemed too big for the crowd and it just seemed empty? I think it’s better to have a packed house, than an almost empty feeling one.

If you feel your entertaining space is too small for your guest list, have an indoor/outdoor event. That way people can go outside if they feel and they can move around as they please. Another option is that you can have a smaller guest list and have a more intimate event. Both are great!

Myth #4: I have to be an extrovert

Truth: I’m gonna let you in on a secret, I am an introvert. I used to struggle with entertaining too but my love of hospitality helps to overcome those feelings. You don’t have to be a huge extrovert to welcome people into your home. You just need to care about them. Make them feel important. If small, intimate events fit you better, then great, have a smaller event! Those that feel the same will enjoy it and appreciate it. There are all types of people that enjoy different types of events. That’s the beauty of all our different personalities 🙂

Myth #5: You have to be a chef

Truth: You don’t have to cook a thing when you have people over. If you’re like me, and hate to cook, then check out my blog with easy food ideas. Please don’t let this keep you from inviting. Food is great to have, no one wants hungry guests, but the memories are built around the relationships. No one will say 30 years down the road, “Remember that steak so and so made?” No, they will say, “Remember the great times we had a so and so’s house. Those memories were my favorite.” The time spent together is what matters the most. That is what will change our community.

Happy Hosting!


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