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DIY Graduation Cap Centerpiece

Here is a step by step guide of a centerpiece I created for a recent grad party:

  • 8x8 canvas (I got these from Dollar Tree)

  • 4" Terracotta pot

  • Black Spray Paint

  • Embroidery thread in desired color

  • Graduation centerpiece sticks from Amazon

  • Tulle in desired color

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun & glue sticks

  • Drill or X-acto knife


  • Stickers

  • Charm for tassel

  • Floral foam or styrofoam

Step 1:

Mark center of canvas and drill/cut out hole in center. Then clean up any excess to make the area around the hole flat.

Step 2:

Spray paint pots and canvases black

Step 3:

While spray paint is drying make a 'tassel' out of embroidery thread. Undo each end a little bit. Make one end longer than the other. Wrap the longer piece around the top of the thread bunch to make it look like a tassel. Add optional charm.

Step 4:

Lace ends of tassel through the whole in the cap and secure the ends by gluing to the bottom of the cap.

Step 5:

Glue the bottom of the pot to the bottom of the cap. Making sure to align the holes.

Step 6:

Trim the tassel so the ends aren't laying on the table.

Step 7:

Then add optional stickers top of the cap.

Step 8 (optional):

Cut foam to fit pot. Insert foam into pot if you want to make the sticks more sturdy. This will help keep them in place better.

Step 9:

Cut tulle into squares. Then cut a small circle in the center of the tulle. Then place the hole of the tulle over the hole on the cap.

Step 10:

Assemble sticks.( I spray painted the sticks black before assembling because I wanted them to match better.) Insert sticks as desired. I cut a few of them shorter so the heights are staggered. Then push tulle into hole around the sticks.

Congrats to the Grad!

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