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Graduation Party Tips and Ideas

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Over the last two years I have had the honor of hosting two graduation parties. One for my exchange student and one for my oldest daughter. Here are some decor and food tips I used.

Graduation Chalkboard Sign

If you know me, I love to have my chalkboard signs to welcome guests. The above is the one I made f or my daughter's party. Here are a few others that I have found and love but am not artist enough to pull off, lol.

Upon entering I had a table set up for guests to put there cards or gifts away. Next to the basket I put her graduation announcement in a frame. My daughter is an artist so I made a "cards" sign out of miniature sketchbooks and printed out letters on paper and glued them to one of the pages in the book.

Graduation Party Card holder

If you have a pool these floating letters are my new favorite decoration. You can choose whatever word/s you would like. Then attach clear fishing string to them and secure to edges of pool. I use tablecloth clips like these from Amazon. Here is the link to their Etsy listing. They also have a graduation cap

One the tables I set out vases with flowers and photos of graduates. I used these picks from Amazon to hold the photos and they worked really well. You can bend them at the bottom if they are too tall or use wire cutters to shorten.

Graduation Table Decoration

These part is always the most fun for me to make, the food tables. Custom sugar cookies were one of the treats I had for my exchange student. You can make them traditional graduation colors like these, use the colors for the college they will be attending or just their favorite colors.

My daughter didn't want too much of a fuss for her food so I just made her favorite cookie balls and drizzled them with purple melted candy (her favorite color). Then added containers of purple colored candies throughout the table.

My daughter also is obsessed with boba tea right now so we had a boba bar. I made a blog to share how you can create your own here. I also used other mini sketchbooks from Shein to make the signs for the treat tables. Then used stickers from Hobby Lobby for the letters and attached them together with purple ribbon.

Boba Bar Party

Of course a photo booth is a must for these parties. Here is one I made for our exchange students. We also had a farewell party with it so it was decorated for that too.

For the backdrop I just used white curtains on a backdrop stand. Then attached these flowers with adhesive bar pins. A great banner to use for a graduation would be this one on Amazon.

Then I filled the giant number frames with various sized and colored balloons. You can even put these numbers elsewhere for decorations.

Graduation Party Backdrop for photos

On the table there was a instax camera, scrapbook, some fun washi tape to attach the photos, journaling markers for them to leave a message next to their photo. Next to these I printed this sign and placed in a frame.

Graduation Party photo sign for backdrop

Last but not least, I love to put a bandana on my dog that goes with the theme of the party, hahaha. Found this gem on Shein.

Graduation bandana for dog

Happy Graduation to your child!

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I created this blog to have a place to share my ideas and help you create an inviting environment for your guests. 

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