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Make your next event pop with a Boba Bar!

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Have a party coming up and want to offer something different and fun? For my daughter’s graduation party last weekend we incorporated her favorite drink, boba tea! Here is how we made this Boba Bar a huge hit!

Boba Bar

SUPPLIES: First let’s start with supplies. Here is a list of items you will need for the Boba Bar.

  • Clear plastic cups (I had 12oz but 16oz would work too).

  • Large straws (the opening needs to be large enough to suck up a boba)

  • Glass bottles for tea

  • 2 Buckets: Small for ice and large to hold teas

  • Jars for boba pearls ( we did 4 flavors)

  • Waterproof labels

  • Slotted Spoons for boba pearls

Boba Bar

INGREDIENTS: Teas: For the teas we wanted to use ones that we premixed with the powdered milk. We found some packs at our local asian market. These on Amazon seem to be a great and come in so many flavors. Boba Pearls: We had to make the classic tapioca pearls. In order to make tapioca pearls you have to boil them and then add to a homemade simple syrup. This blog explains it all very well.It will probably take about an hour to make these and have them cooled and ready for the party. I also found this Fusion Select Instant Boba of already made pearls. According to the product page you just microwave them for about 25-30 seconds or boil in the pack. Popping Boba: These are already made and ready to go which is so great! We used this Brexonic brand on Amazon.

Boba Bar

SET UP: Tea: Pre make the teas and fill bottles (you will probably need to use a funnel). Add the waterproof labels according to tea flavors. Leave extra tea in fridge and refill as needed. Place bottles in large bucket with ice (The reason I did not use large beverage containers was the fact that the tea has milk in them and I did not want to them to spoil). Boba: Place boba pearls in jars. Add waterproof labels according to boba flavors. Set slotted spoons nearby. Ice: Fill ice bucket with ice and place a scoop inside Straws: Put out straws in container Sugar: I added some packets of sugar incase someone wanted more sweetness. These teas do come sweetened so this step is probably not really needed. Sign: Lastly I created a sign to explain the steps to make it. Here is one you can print up and use!

Hope this Boba Tea bar makes your party POP!


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