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Drake Themed Birthday Party

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Let's host a Drake themed birthday party for our day ones....For my daughter's 17th birthday she requested a Drake birthday party as she was attending his concert the day before her birthday. So here are some things I incorporated and some I suggest for an adult party:


Of course there was a photo wall. I just used black curtains. Added a 16" gold chain balloon garland from Amazon. Then purchased a make your own banner. With this banner you can use any number, so if they are 28 it would say" 0 TO 28 REAL QUICK".

Here are a another banner that is fun: Worst behavior with my woes

The gift table I used a white tablecloth with gold and silver circle confetti scattered throughout. Then on the wall I attached Drake photos in the shape of her age. This may be a bit more difficult with round numbers. Just make sure to practice on the floor first before attaching to wall.

Next was the dessert table. This one starts with the giant black 17 balloons filled with helium, I purchased these from Amazon. Then a black table cover with more scattered gold and silver circle confetti. You can print Drake albums on card stock paper and cut out to scatter about along with the confetti for an added touch.

Last of the decorations. is my chalkboard. Gotta have it, LOL! You could even attach these balloons to the sign or really anywhere you please.


Cake is always the most fun part of a party for me. I uploaded this photo to a custom cake topper company I found on Amazon. They did a great job! Just bring it in to your local bakery and ask them to place on a cake for you before piping the edges. Or you could add this precut edible image and add it to the side of a round cake.

If you prefer cupcakes, these downloadable toppers are great!

The other snacks were white chocolate drizzled popcorn with black and gold sprinkles. Chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels. Gluten free yogurt pretzels sprayed with edible gold dust. Lastly, cookies and cream Hershey bars.

Lastly I filled a S shaped tray from Hobby Lobby (that I painted black and coated with black glitter) with gold candy such as Twix, Rolo and Reeses cups.


The lyric drink cups were a hit. Etsy has these plastic cups that are also great party favors. If you don't want to purchase the cups, you can just get the labels and put them on your own cups like I did. These water bottle labels would be cool if you are planning on have those as well.

I'm loving this printable but couldn't use it because she was only turning 17. Print out, add to a frame and place near drinks., done!

Adult Drinks:

If this is for an adult party these drinks would be perfect!

  • Champagne (Champagne Papi)

  • Onda Civic (Drake created this one) This is just ice, Onda Tequila Seltzer and passion fruit puree or syrup.

  • Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. Just add peach schnapps and Perrier for a fun spritzer Drake likes to drink.

Here are two printable signs with the above recipes you can download, print and place in 4x6 frame:

Other Items:

If your wanting digital download invitations these from Etsy are great! Or these. Want to go the simple route? This invite can be used for digital or printable.

Gift ideas I love: Drake Air Fresheners, tickets to a Drake concert, Candle and album posters


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