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Elements Of The Perfect Boho Chic Picnic

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I wanted to share this blog on how I created a beautiful picnic for my friends. Here is a step by step guide on how you can do the same!

First let’s start with the table: No need to purchase your own boho picnic table. If you already have folding tables or a large sheet of plywood you can do what I did. Since I already had some folding tables, I used those and propped them up on cement blocks I got from Lowes. Putting them vertical is the perfect height for a picnic.

Boho Chic Picnic

Decorations: A white table cloth is perfect for this. You can get a 2 pack on Amazon for $24.99.

I added an organza table runner to my picnic table. These come in all different colors and sizes on Amazon. If you want to go more boho then this macrame table runner is perfect but you may need to get 2 depending on the length of your table(s). It may not show up too well on a white tablecloth so maybe change up the tablecloth color if you want to go this route.

Greenery and flowers are always a good idea. You can lay some faux eucalyptus greenery on top of the table runner like I did. Michaels has some beautiful eucalyptus garland that would be perfect. Then I found some antique white vases at the thrift shop to place real flowers in to add some height. I had a tough time finding the perfect shade of flowers to match my theme but there was no time to get stressed over it.

Boho Chic Picnic Table

Place settings: CHARGERS: Adding a wooden charger always brings things up a notch. You can get some from Amazon. Woven chargers are very boho chic. These ones from Amazon come in a pack of 6 for $49.95. You can also go gold or silver with these from Dollar Tree.

PLATES: Real plates are always best for a fancy party but sometimes you don’t have that many, LOL! This party kept getting larger so I had to do something different. I bought a set of dinner and dessert plates from Costco that looked great and were only $10.99 for a set of 25 of each. They also have silver trimmed ones as well! I was also eyeing these beauties but they wouldn’t have been shipped in time. Next picnic I guess!

CUPS: I already had some clear goblets I could use for this event but if I needed to buy some these would be it! They come in 4 colors and are beautiful! Just $17.98 for a set of 4 at Walmart. Just regular clear wine glasses work great as well. Don’t forget to add a glass for water too!

NAPKINS: Cloth napkins are so classy. I bought a set of gold ones and ended up having more guests than I initially thought so I had to incorporate white ones I already had. (Again, gotta roll with the punches sometimes so you don’t stress yourself out.) Anyways, I purchased these from Amazon for $9.99 for a set of 12.

Boho Chic Picnic Setup

Seating: If you are having your picnic in the grass or sand, you will want to have some kind of blanket or rug to cover the ground. I just used some down comforters I had and covered them with white blankets or sheets. Just incase the grass was still wet. Pillows can be a great highlight of your picnic. I already had tons of large square pillows around my house so I just ordered cases for them on Amazon. They have so many colors and sizes to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect combo! Here are the links to all the different ones I purchased: Plain Velvet Pom Pom Edged Velvet Stripped

Boho Chic Picnic Food Ideas

Food & Drinks: What everyone is waiting for! What I love about picnics is the food can be simple and easy. For my picnic I chose to order a charcuterie board from a friend so I could save some time. Plus it was beautifully done, so win-win! Other great food ideas are: Southwest rollups -Chicken Salad & croissant sandwiches -Cucumber & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches -Fruit Tray

DESSERTS: I can’t believe I didn’t get pics of our desserts but some great ideas are macarons (they come in so many colors so you can order them to match your scheme), cupcakes, brownies, eclairs, cream puffs, lemon bars, cookies, the list is really endless!

Boho Chic Picnic Drink Idea

DRINKS: For the special cocktail of the night I used an elderflower & rose cordial my sister gave me for my birthday. I added it to some sparkling rose and then topped it off with a rosebud ice cube. All the ladies thought it was a hit! On the table I placed glass bottles of water every few place settings. Here is a video on how to remove old labels!

Hope you have the best time with your friends at your boho chic picnic!


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