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Essentials For Hosting Events In Your Home

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Over the years I have hosted many gatherings in my home. Over those years I have found things that I use all the time and love because they make hosting easier! Here is my list of essentials for hosting events in your home.

Serving Trays and bowls: These are a must for events. By using various trays to display the food whether store bought or homemade, makes the presentation look so much more appealing. I would go for white, clear or cream. That way you can use them for any occasion! These are from Amazon, you get a set of 3 for only $29

You can also use cheese boards to display food. It’s not just for cheese!

Serving utensils: I keep a drawer of these for events. They can be plastic or metal. You will want large spoons, forks and tongs. Dollar Tree sells some clear ones that would be great for any occasion. This is a great set from Amazon, for only $18.99!

Drink dispenser or pitchers: Drink dispensers are a nice way to display a punch or tea. Especially if it’s a clear dispenser. If you add cucumbers or lemons to water and place in dispenser it will be beautiful! I love this double one from Amazon for $55.99!

Food warming tray: I have a few of these and they have lasted over 15 years! If you think you will be hosting lots of events in your home that will need warm food, then this is a great investment for you! This one is from Amazon for $69.99

Utensil Holder: These are such a nice way to keep your plasticware and napkins organized. It comes in a few different colors. At Amazon for $18.99

Everyone likes an ice cold beverage and this ice bucket is perfect to keep beverages chilled. Amazon for $50.99

These are not technically essential but a great addition. Easily label your dishes so guests don't have to keep asking what is what. On Amazon for $18.99

My most favorite of all essential for hosting is HELPERS! I used to try and do it all by myself. All that came from that was a stressed hostess. So let your friends or family help. They will feel great that they are able to lend a hand and you will feel great too!

Happy Hosting!


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