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Fiesta Pool Party

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Nacho average pool party welcome sign

This summer's pool party was an absolute blast! The theme was "Nacho Average Pool Party". Let's dive in to the details!

mexican folk floral backdrop

For my backdrop at the dessert table I make a tissue paper backdrop. The inspiration was Mexican folk floral fabrics. You can watch my video on how to make this here. Or read my other blog with the step by step tutorial.

taco bar backdrop

The taco bar table had a fringe curtain backdrop I made. For instructions on how to make it you can watch this video. Then I added a balloon arch and topped it off with this Taco Truck Mylar Balloon. I made the papel picado style signs with my cricut.

Fiesta party decoration

We attached a few of these accordion fringe ceiling decorations to the ceiling of our lanai. Our pool house was decorated with this Plastic Papel Picado from Amazon.

Pinata Mosaic letters

My favorite decoration was these giant piñata monogrammed letters I made. Here is a video on how I made them. Or you can check out my blog for a step by step tutorial.

Fiesta pool party decorations

Lastly, I filled this Cactus Inflatable Cooler with Jarritos bottles.


I used these Napkins and Plates. I purchased them separately because I already had cups and I thought the napkins were hilarious. There is a set from the same company that comes with napkins, plates and cups here. This set is also really great! It even comes with a tablecloth too.

Fiesta forever party cups

For drinks we had these fiesta straw set and these cups. These koozies from Amazon were a hit:

Fiesta koozies

The is the tablecloths I used from Party City. It was plastic on the top which made for easy clean up and could be reused multiple times. If you are having tables for people to eat at, you can use a plain black tablecloth with these serape table runners and it would look amazing.


Of course Mexican food is on the menu. We catered a taco bar from a local Mexican restaurant. A few more ideas would be to hire a taco truck or make your own nacho bar!

Desserts were the fun part! Every year I have a local lady make decorated sugar cookies for my theme. This years' were amazing! Another option for cookies would be to get Mexican wedding cookies or these Bimbo Pastries.

Fiesta themed cookies

Lollipops are always a fun idea. I purchased this fringe tabletop stand and drilled small holes into it. I added a sticker border on top to cover the edges. Then placed these cactus and sombrero lollipops in the holes.

Fiesta lollipop holder

The churro bar I made was loved by all! I ordered these bite sized churros. Baked them and covered them in sugar and cinnamon. Then placed the churros in these fun fiesta boxes. For the toppings I offered Dulce de Leche sauce as well as these Ghirardelli chocolate sauces. Let's not forget the canned whipped cream to top it off. For a gluten free option I had these available.

Churro bar for party

If you would like to print out the sign I made you can download it here.

Churro Bar Sign
Frozen margarita sign

We had frozen margaritas on the menu at our fiesta. I purchased a traditional lime mix as well as strawberry. If you need a machine I highly recommend this one. We have it and use it for our smaller get togethers. Target has this one that will probably work just as great.

Here is a sign to print out of you want to add it to a clear plastic photo frame and place it next to your machine:

For other beverages you can't go wrong with Jarritos sodas. They come in large bottles you can pour into cups or these glass bottles. Mexican Coke or Manzanita Sol soda are another great option.

Mexican party drink ideas

Since the other drinks were placed in coolers I made these signs so people knew which cooler has certain drinks. Click the photo below to download all the printable signs I made:

Fiesta pool party outfit ideas

Here are some recommendations for your Nacho Average Pool Party attire for the whole family:

Pool Inflatables:

These are the ones I purchased for the party as well as some I found on Amazon:


And it's not a Fiesta without a pinata right? Here are a few that would work great for this party! And don't forget mexican candy to fill it.

Adios party sign chalkboard

Adios! Hope your party is amazing!


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