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Mexican Floral Inspired Backdrop

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Mexican Floral Backdrop

Join me as we make a Mexican floral inspired backdrop made from tissue paper!


Step 1: Put together fencing

For this step, you will attach the top of the fencing to the bar of the backdrop holder with zip ties. If needed attach another section of fencing to the previous one with zip ties for a wider version. This all depends on the width of the fencing you purchase.

Step 2: Cut tissue paper to size

Depending on the size of the tissue paper you purchase you may need to cut them to size. For example, with a 14x20 size you would first cut in half, leaving you with a 14x10. Then cut again to achieve a square shape.

Step 3: Create your backdrop

Take the tissue paper by the middle of the square and bunch it up like this:

Then insert the small end into a whole on the fence. Then fluff it up to expand.

Create flowers, vines, shapes, whatever you would like.

Then on the backside, take the ends and fold them into another nearby hole to secure them as shown here. If this is going outside, you may want to use packing tape or adhesive spray to secure the back all down from coming out in the wind.

Step 4: Fill with background color

Now that you have done the colorful patter on the backdrop, we need to fill in the gaps with the background color of tissues.

Step 5: Display Backdrop

You can keep it on the backdrop stand if desired. I wanted to attach it to my glass doors with command strip. Since this is rather heavy I recommend using the heavy duty command strips or multiple of the regular ones. These have been my favorite to use. For this I would secure it with one every 2 feet at least to distribute the weight. (You can attach these to a wall as well but be careful on wallpapered walls.)

As you can see, I didn't go all the way down with the tissue paper since the table would cover it. If you are doing this a photo backdrop I would complete it all.

Mexican floral backdrop

Hope this helps make your party extra special. Adios!

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