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Fondue Dinner Party Night

Fondue for Christmas Eve dinner has been our family tradition for as long as I can remember.

Fondue Party

What I love about fondue is that it takes time. And with that time comes conversations.

What is fondue? Since the 1950s, the term "fondue" has been generalized to other dishes in which a food is dipped into a communal pot of liquid kept hot in a fondue pot. The pot can contain cheese, hot oil or broth, and even chocolate. We do all three of these!

I will share my favorite fondue recipes, dippers and products to make your night a success!

Cheese fondue recipes:

Fondue Party Cheese Recipe

Spicy Fondue: If you like spicy foods then this recipe is for you. This Spicy Cheese fondue recipe is my favorite of all time. It has chipotle chiles in adobo sauce with parmesan and cream cheese. This mix is to die for! Click the photo or go to here for full recipe.

Fondue Party

Cheddar Fondue:

My second favorite cheese fondue is cheddar. This one's a classic that my kids and husband love. This one is from the Melting Pot restaurant so you can't go wrong with it. Click the photo or go to to see full recipe.

Cheese Dippers:



Green apples




Mini Potatoes (already cooked)

Oil/Broth Recipe:

Fondue Party coq au vin

Coq Au Vin: I think the best way to cook your meat is with this recipe from the melting pot. It's very simple but the flavor is amazing. Click on the photo or go to for full recipe.

If you would rather use oil and not broth (this is what my dad prefers), I recommend Canola Oil. It has very little flavor and a high enough smoke point.

Broth Dippers:

Beef (I prefer filet) cut in small pieces




Mushrooms (uncut)

Chocolate Fondue Recipes:

Fondue Party Chocolate

I'm all about easy desserts so here are 2 of the easiest and best tasting ones I have found:

Eagle Brand Fondue: This one is super simple. Once you make it on the stove or microwave. Transfer it to the crock pot on low to stay warm and creamy. Click the photo or go to for full recipe.

You can change the chocolate to dark if you would like.

Fondue Party chocolate Nutella recipe

Nutella chocolate fondue: If you have nutella lovers then this one will be a hit. I mean Nutella makes everything better right? Plus you can put it in a mini crockpot to keep warm while you have dark chocolate in the fondue pot. Check out this recipe from

Chocolate dippers:





Rice Krispie Treats


Pound cake

Graham crackers

Items to buy:

Fondue Pots: I recommend electric fondue pots instead of the old school can

Fondue Pot

dle or burner ones. This way you can have control of the temperature. I have actually bought some off of FB marketplace before and got a great deal on a used one! I have this Cuisinart one and love it!

This one I found on Amazon already has the perfect settings for the types on fondue. I may need this one myself!

fondue pot

Slotted spoons: You will need a large slotted spoon incase and items fall into the broth or oil. We call these the rescue spoons. Amazon for $5.99 each

Forks for dipping: These are used to dipping and come with color indicators on the ends so that you can tell which meat is yours while it's cooking in the broth. This set comes with 3 sets of 6 different colors. It also has a storage case. Amazon for $15.99

Fondue plates

Plates with compartments: You will definitely want some of these. These have spots for dipping sauces.

Even a separate plate for uncooked meats is a good idea.

Extension cords: Since you will probably be using more than one pot and most tables are not super close to a plug in, you will want an extension cord or 2.

Can’t wait to hear how much fun you and your friends had at your first fondue party! Let me know in the comments.


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