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Fun Items To Take Your Summer To Another Level

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Want to take your next Summer to a whole ‘nother level? Then these super cool finds will do just that. Sometimes you want to be a little over the top 😉

Chill your best bottle of champagne or white wine with this awesome bottle ice mold chiller from Crate & Barrel. You can freeze as is or incorporate berries, citrus slices or fresh flowers before you freeze. Makes a great gift too! Get your’s here for $44.95

No one likes warm wine or champagne while you’re enjoying a nice day outside. You don’t want to put ice in it so this next solution is brilliant! Williams Sonoma’s wine chilling wands are perfect to keep your wine at optimal temperature. Online here for $49.95

My last pick for chilling your beverages are the ice molds from Williams Sonoma. What I love large spheres about these is you can add some edible flowers, small pieces of fruit or orange/lemon/lime zests before freezing. They have so many different molds to choose from: Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Diamonds, Flowers and more. Order your favorite here for $14.95 for a set of 2. There is also a great storage container available here.

Now let’s move on the some HOT items!

For all those pizza lovers this one is for you! Nothing is more fun than making your own pizza and having it ready in minutes! We have a wood fire pizza oven we like to use for parties but it takes forever to get ready and is humongous. This pizza oven from Williams Sonoma will cook your pizza in 60 seconds once it’s heated. Now that’s cause for a party. Pop on over here to get your’s for $399.

Anyone else all about the desserts? I am a S’mores lover! I've seen a lot of these types on the market but this one by far is the best. Do you see the lower shelf with the crackers and chocolate? That's so it wil melt! Which is how I love it! You can make them anywhere, no fire needed. It also has compartments for all the goodies and 4 roasting skewers. At Crate and Barrel for $49.95

Lastly, nothing is quite like a chilly evening by a fire. If you don’t have space for a large fire pit, then get yourself one of these! This Terraflame Geo Tabletop Bowl is a beautiful addition to your patio. Gather your friends and chat around this stunning fire. From Amazon for $99.99.

Hope your summer is over the top! Happy Hosting!


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