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Glow Crazy For This Party Idea

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We are all ‘glowing’ crazy for this neon glow in the dark party idea! My daughter requested another glow in the dark party and of course, I jumped at the chance to plan one again. Here are the details of how you can put on your own!

Let’s start with decorations:

Neon Glow Party Photo backdrop

Photo Backdrop: Who doesn’t love a great photo opp? For this party we purchased a plain black backdrop and splashed it with UV neon paint. Then added a glow in the dark balloon arch. Here are the supplies we used: Black Backdrop UV Paint Balloons Balloon Pump with arch kit Backdrop Holder

Neon Glow Party

Lighting: Of course lighting is the most important part of a glow party. I replaced my recessed lighting with these black lights. Then I replaced one of them with this disco bulb with this attachment for length. Lastly, there was a few other lamps that needed replaced with regular black lights the ones here.

Neon Glow Party Sign

Other decorations: She was all about having streamers from the ceiling. These streamers from Amazon glowed amazingly under the black lights. Then we added these neon dot garlands that popped! The ground was covered with star balloons and a few of the regular neon balloons. Some were filled with flashing lights. Since she was turning 15 I also bought these light up numbers that were so cool!

I then made a sign using bright green chalk pen. One one side it says “Let’s Glow Crazy” the other side said “Thanks for glowing crazy with us!”

Neon Glow Party Cupcakes

Food glorious food:

For the food area we tried to find candy that would glow. It’s definitely not easy. We used glow in the dark KitKats and bright colored Now and Laters (these did not work the best). The ones that looked great were Trolli gummy worms and yogurt covered pretzels drizzled with melted hot pink candy from Michaels. For a video on how to do this, click here.

Neon Glow in dark food idea

The cupcake tower was probably my most favorite. These cupcake covers and picks were so vibrant! The cupcakes definitely stole the show.

Another fun food addition is this edible neon glow dust that can be added to frosting or fondant. It comes in tons of fun colors too!

If you are doing a whole cake, I am loving these custom cake toppers from Etsy!

For beverages there was a dispenser filled with blue Gatorade (I think pink lemonade would have looked great too) and a few of the lights I put in the balloons. These lights are waterproof but be careful to only out them in a dispenser where they can not get poured out so no one can choke on them.

For plates and plasticware I purchased this set on Amazon.

Lastly, I wanted to add some glow to the back wall of our bar so I filled some glass bottles with tonic water. Some bottles I added a colored powdered beverage to give a little different hue. They turned out pretty good! Then we hung this birthday garland from the shelves.



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