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A Quick Guide To Hosting An Epic Camping Trip

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Entertaining doesn’t have to stay inside your four walls. You can make even camping with a group of friends or family epic with these tips and ideas.

First, let’s start with some fun! We have a group that my family and I camp with every summer and we all bring our children. So one fun thing we like to do with them is crafts. Here are some crafts we have done in the past that the kids really enjoyed.

Camping Craft Ideas

Camping Crafts:

Rustic frame with branches: This is a craft and activity in one! It gets the kids out for a walk to collect branches they would like to for their picture frame. Then head on back to camp to glue to wooden craft frame. This is also a great souvenir from the trip your kids can enjoy all year long. Full instructions here

Water bottle holders made with tape: The girls of the crew really dug this craft! All you need is some duct tape in super fun colors, scissors and water bottles. That’s it! Full instructions here.

Camping Crafts

Easy to make bird feeders: This craft brings me back to my childhood. One time my mom did this craft with us while camping with Missionettes. We used pine cones instead of TP rolls. You can use either and then hang in a nearby tree to watch the local birds eat! Full instructions can be found here

Sharpie marker ink art: We love a chance to let our kids be artistic and express themselves. This craft is perfect for that. We did the craft inside on a rainy day and the smell of the rubbing alcohol was not the best. We recommend this one as an outdoor craft. For for instructions and supplies go here

Camping pillowcases: Last year we found these super cool pillow cases that all the kids were able to color. They also had each other sign the back so they could remember who they camped with that summer. These make great souvenirs as well!

Camping Craft Ideas

Click the links below to order. We used the Camp Survivor for the boys and the S’more fun for the girls: Camp Survivor

Tic-Tac-Toe painted rock game: I found this craft in a magazine a while ago and couldn’t wait to make it while camping! This craft is also fun with glow in the dark paint so they can play at night under the stars. Here are the full instructions and supplies.

Camping Games

Now, let’s move on to activities:

Nature Scavenger Hunt: I’ve done this one many years in a row and it’s still one the kids enjoy. Especially if you go to different camp sites every time. That means they will collect different items, each camp trip! All you need to do is print out this list. Bring some paper bags and pens/pencils.

Yard games: We like to bring our corn hole game, Bulzibucket or horse shoes! One summer we brought these easy to fill water balloons and had a water balloon fight! (Don’t forget to pick up all the trash from the balloon fight to keep the animals safe)

Camping Lake Swimming

Boat ride/Beach Day: If you’re camping near a lake or river, water time is a great activity. We camp near a lake where they have boat rentals and inner tubes. So we love to rent a couple boats and take the kids out to cool off!

Games: Rainy day? Do card or board games in the cabin or tent. Here are some all the families really enjoy: One Night Werewolf Unstable Unicorns Bananagrams Codenames Don’t have much room? Just bring a stack of playing cards and print off these classic cards game instructions!


Family Camping Ideas

Walking tacos Campfire Sandwiches Good ol’ Hot Dogs & Hamburgers Breakfast Tacos S’mores – bring rolos, reeses cups,and more! Here is a great link to more food ideas!

Do you love to camp? I would love to hear your tips and ideas as well. Comment below!

Happy Camping!


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