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Hosting Overnight Guests

I love hosting overnight guests. The quality time and conversations are so much better when your guests can relax and not have to worry about leaving for a hotel. Just in time for the holidays I am sharing how you can make your overnight guests feel at home.

1. Make a cozy, private area for your guest. If you have a spare room to use, great! If not, no worries, I got a few ideas for you:

-Use one of your children's rooms for your guest(s).

-Convert your office or basement into a bedroom using an air mattress. This one is a brand we have and the quality is great for the price. It has its own pump inside the bed and even comes with a storage bag.

-And always the good ol' sofa bed!

2. Place a basket or tray next to the bed with snacks and bottled water. Sometimes guests (myself included) can be too shy to ask for a snack, this can help them not feel like they're intruding.

3. In the bathroom, have a basket or large glass jar filled with mini hotel size toiletries. Maybe add a couple new toothbrushes or loofahs. Also, have some clean towels ready and toilet paper stocked.

4. Leave a fan near the bed for white noise or if they want to change the climate of the room/area.

5. Place a few books or magazines near the bed. You can use a basket on the floor or just place on the nightstand.

6. We always like to have an extra phone charger near the bed in case our guests forget to pack one.

7. Depending on when they arrive, you may need to run to the store and grab a few items they like to eat. We always ask if there is anything particular they would like available. If they come in early enough in the day, you can make a quick run to the store together if needed.

8. Us ladies love flowers. If you have a female guest, flowers are always a nice touch. Grab a few stems from your yard or the grocery store and place in a small vase.

9. I try to think of what I love most about hotels and my answer is the slippers and robes! Here on Amazon , you can purchase 24 disposable slippers for just $21.99

Happy Overnight Hosting!


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