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How To Throw A Riverdale Themed Birthday Party

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A few years ago my oldest daughter was obsessed with the American drama series called “Riverdale”. So that was her request for her 14th birthday party. Here are some ideas and tips to make your Riverdale party a success:

Riverdale Birthday Cake

Riverdale is supposed to take place back in the day. It’s characters are the children of the main characters in the Archie comic books. All the kids in the show hang out a place called, “Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe”, a 50’s themed diner. So I made the decorations to look like the party was at Pop’s.

I purchased balloons to make the word POPS. Found here for $2.99 each letter. I filled them with helium and tied them to the table with a string.

Added a checkered tablecloth from Amazon for $7.00

Diner food is usually served in baskets so we used red plastic baskets with checkered papers from Amazon for $18.99 for a pack of 12 baskets and tons of paper!

Riverdale Themed Birthday Party Food

For drinks of course we had bottled Coca-Cola.

Added plastic mustard and ketchup bottles like they would have in a diner. For $6.97 at Amazon

Gummy Candy in the shape of hamburgers found here.

Lastly, she wanted a cookie cake so I just bought a plain one at the grocery store and added the “R” for Riverdale High, with frosting.

Riverdale Themed Birthday Party Food IDeas

What we mostly think of as a dessert for a diner is what? Yes, milkshakes! You can’t have a diner without them. So I purchased these Milkshake Glass Cups from Amazon.

Then we made homemade milkshakes to go with the cookie cake!

Riverdale Themed Birthday Party Decorations

To decorate the bar I found diner looking signs at Michaels. Of course, this was in 2019 so they are not there anymore but I found some cute ones here.

I added the record garland to make it have the jukebox feel for $9.99 on Amazon

Then we turned the Riverdale themed music channel on our tv as another decoration while playing the music!

Riverdale Themed Birthday Party Decor

Lastly, my daughter wanted to give a shoutout to her favorite character, Jughead. He of course, likes to graffiti everywhere. So we bought window markers here and she went crazy making all of his tags! It turned out SO great!

Have so much fun going back in time to Pop’s Chock’lit Diner!


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