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DIY Graduation Cap Decoration

Here is a set by step guide to making a giant life like graduation cap decoration like the one I made for a graduation party I helped host:

Giant lifelike graduation cap decoration

First let's begin with the needed supplies:

Step #1 - Print out graduation cap pattern, tape together and cut out.

Here is one I have made. It measures about 3.5 feet wide by 2.5 feet tall. The instruction file will help you place the pieces together. You will need to trim one of the edges on each paper to get the overlap to attach it to the next paper. You may not need to trim if your printer does borderless printing.

Download • 344KB
Download • 26KB
Download • 41KB

If you would like one larger or smaller, then you can purchase this pattern that comes in several different sizes on Etsy.

Step #2 - Glue 2 foam boards together (long side)

Then tape to reinforce.

Step #3 - Trace and cut out pattern on boards.

You will use the 2 boards for the top cap. Then a single board for the bottom part.

I find the rotary cutter is the best for this step.

Step #4 - Cover boards with satin

Cut fabric to about 3 inches on each side. Then tightly glue on fabric to cut out boards as shown.

Step #5 - Glue top of cap to the bottom part of cap

Make sure its glued together well. If you want to reinforce with tape, you can.

Step #6 - Cut out a 3 inch circle from the foam boards. As well as 2 - 1.5 inch circles

Cover the larger circle with fabric. Now glue the 2 smaller circles together. Then, attach to the bottom of the fabric covered larger circles. This will give it a little height between the top of the cap and the "button" to wrap the cord around. Lastly, glue to the 'button' of the top of the cap.

Step #7 - Wrap the graduation cord around the circle to make a giant tassel.

Giant graduation cap decoration

Optional Step #8 - The next few steps are for attaching the cap to the front of a backdrop that is on a rod.

(I had to undo some of the glued fabric to do this step.) Carefully poke hole in board, make sure to avoid cutting the fabric. Thread a wire through hole and bring to other end of the wire. Then wrap together until secure. (I attached these wires near the middle of the cap and one of the edges). Lastyly, secure to backdrop.

**Another option is to hot glue D rings to the back of the cap. Put command strip hooks on the wall and hang the cap.


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