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Pool Party Snacks

This summer will be our 8th year hosting our annual pool party. They are so much fun! The food can be fun too. Here are some ideas you can use for your next pool party:

Life Preserver candy cups:

This snack was from my Lifeguard themed pool party a few years back. These are perfect because they are each in their own containers so wet hands won't be ruining the rest of the candy. This can be for any pool party really. All you need is these supplies to create them:

Red and white Gummy Rings (Life Preserver Buoy)

Rice Krispie Treats with themed sprinkles:

What's great about this one is that all you need to do to make to the theme of the party is buy different sprinkles. SprinklePop makes all sorts of mixes so there for sure will be something you can find for your party. I also placed these in plastic snack baggies with ties so it keeps them clean as well. Here is a video I made showing how I made the ones above. Supply list:

Melting almond bark or chocolate

Themed Sugar cookies:

Lastly for desserts I always order cookies that coincide with my theme. A lot of times you can just look in local facebook pages to find recommendations for local people who make these. I love supporting small businesses. Here a few from my past parties I have purchased:

Other Snack Ideas:

Popcorn: Just like all of the above snacks I like to have them in individual bags to keep water from ruining them. So one year I ordered this giant bag on prepopped popcorn and placed them in themed goodie bags. You could also find popcorn boxes to fit your theme. Here a few that might fit your theme:

<a href="">Image by freepik</a>

Fruit: Of course this one makes the list. Nothing is better than some cold fruit when your swimming. Some I suggest would be watermelon, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, cuties, and apples.

To keep them individually packed you can purchase the apples that come in the little bags already, which makes for less work on your part.

You can also cut the watermelon (leave rind) and place a popsicle stick inside, this makes for easy pickup and eating!

For other fruits you can place in clear plastic cups for easy grab and go!

Jalapeño Poppers: Our friend makes the best jalapeño poppers and they are even better by the pool! You can prep these the night before and just place them on a Traeger to cook slowly while you swim. It's the perfect appetizer for adults and kids alike.

Other prepackaged snacks: At our parties I always like to have cracker cheeses packages, chips, trail mix, popsicles or granola bars.

Lastly, my favorite part of pool parties is the night time when we have S'mores! If you have a fire pit, this is perfect for a late night pool party. This past year we made walking s'mores and it was a hit. Here is video on how you came make them.

Hope these snacks make a SPLASH a your pool party!


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