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Splash Into A Lifeguard Themed Pool Party!

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Summer is almost here! If you have a pool and are looking for a super, fun theme for your pool party than you’ve come to the right place. Last year was probably one of my most favorite pool party themes, “Lifeguard”. Below are some tips and ideas you can use to make your Lifeguard Pool Party a success

Lifeguard Pool Party

Let’s start with decor! Red and white everywhere of course. I placed red and white balloons in many different spots. Then hung some red & white beach balls on a string to make a garland to hang from our pergola. In order to do this, place the string though the curved rubber part of the closed inflation valve. TIP: these will pop easily so if you are using an air compressor, be very careful when inflating.

This shark, buoy or rescue tube floats from Amazon would be an amazing additions.

Now on to the food tables (the most important part right?). Red table covers were used as well as red utensils from Dollar Tree.

Lifeguard Pool Party Decoration

For more decor I added a blow up buoy & beach ball (left over from the garland). Then I secured a plastic life preserver from Oriental Trading to the window above the table. These come in a set of 2 so you can place another one where ever you think looks great!

Lifeguard Pool Party Treat Table
Food tables:

On a tiered stand, I put some candy in clear disposable portion cups. Inside these were blue jelly beans (to look like water), 1 or 2 gummy sharks and topped off with red and white gummies (life preservers). I also tried to only use red fruits to bring more theme to the food area.

Lifeguard Pool Party

Drink stations were decorated too! I still had a water looking sequined fabric from a mermaid party so I placed that on the table underneath the water bottles. In buckets next to the waters were red and white jelly beans.

Lifeguard Pool Party Drink

Then for our slushy machine we chose mixers that were white (pina colada) and red (strawberry daiquiri). When you mix them together, you have a Miami Vice, just FYI 🙂 And of course red solo cups with white straws.

Lifeguard Pool Party Signs

Lastly, we have 2 small drink fridges we used. One was filled with soda and placed a sign that said “Thirst Aid Station”, then on the other fridge which was filled with adults only beverages, we placed a “Adults Only” sign. If you don’t have a fridge, you can print these up and place in frames or attach to coolers! You can download them at the bottom of the blog.

Lifeguard Pool Party Outfit

Another fun way to wrap everything together is outfits. Lifeguard outfits are fun and easy to find. I got this visor, whistle and fanny pack from Amazon. The tank top I actually found at a local thrift store but this one is awesome too! I even snagged these lifeguard swim trunks for my husband!

We also dressed up the dogs, LOL. These darling lifeguard bandanas were a hit!

Lifeguard Dog bandana

Hope you have a splashin’ good time at your own Lifeguard Themed Pool Party!

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