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The best fragrance wax melts for your home

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sure my home smells divine, is fragrance wax melts. So I decided to do a test to see which brands worked the best. It felt like I was doing a science experiment for school, but it was a fun one. Here is my conclusion:

TIED FOR 1ST: I couldn’t choose which wax melt was the best so it’s a tie. Yankee Candle has always been my favorite candle, now it might be one of my top favorite wax melt!

TIED FOR 1ST: Of course, Scentsy is in the top. Their whole company is built upon these things. They have so many great scents to choose from. Find a local consultant to purchase.

RUNNER UP: WoodWicks comes in second in my test. The smell was powerful and stayed around for awhile but not as long as the other two.

These are the other wax melts I tried. They each had great scents but the smell did not stay around long. But for a single use, they would do just fine! Keep in mind, where I placed these melts was a large open room, connected to living room, kitchen and formal dining room. So these may do just well for a small room enclosed such as a bathroom or bedroom.

Revive By Melaleuca: Great scent and way healthier for you than some others .

Better Homes and Gardens Gray Mist from Walmart. Stayed around for a good amount of time, just not as long as the rest.

Scent Sationals from Walmart. This hideaway scent was nice.

Threshold from Target. Nice scent but didn’t last as long as I had hoped.

Mainstays Papaya Passion from Walmart. Fun summer scent but not very strong.

Luminessence from Dollar Tree. This one is in dead last place. Could barely smell this one.

Which wax melts are your favorite? Comment below to share!


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