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Tie Dye Summer Pool Party

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Need a groovy idea for a summer party? This summer’s tie-dye pool party at the Layne’s house was so much fun. Here is how you can recreate one just like it:

Tie Dye Party Decoration

Tie Dye Decor: Decor is always the most fun party for me. This year I purchased a majority of the decor on Amazon. Like these tie dye pillows. For decor my pillows I always just purchase cases and change them out, which saves on so much storage!

Tie Dye Pool Party

Target has also been a great place to purchase tie dye goodies. I placed fun tie-dye beach towels which made for great decor. They also had these awesome tie dye inflatable tubes that I scattered throughout the pool. These from Amazon are a prefect match for the towels.

Tie Dye Party Dog bandana

Clothing is also a perfect addition to decor. My Bella strutted around with this tie-dye bandana. It’s no longer available but this one from Petsmart is super cute!. Amazon also has tons of tie-dye swimsuits for both men and women. Here are a few I liked:

Tie Dye Party Treat Table Desserts

Treat Table: Who doesn’t love a good treat table? I chose to make this the focus of the party. I’ll start with the treats. Found these awesome treat bags on Amazon and filled them with popcorn for out late night pool movie. I chose to find candy in fun pastel colors. Placed marshmallow sticks in a tall clear plastic dish. This Laffy Taffy/Sweetart mix was the perfect color mix for the table. I also filled another candy dish with Sour Punch Twists.

Tie Dye Party Cookies

Last, was the custom cookies. Love having cookies made that goes along with my theme. These with the tie dye swimsuits were so much fun!

When I choose treats I try to find ones that are individually wrapped since most of the kids hands are wet and ya know, germs,LOL.

Tie Dye Party Treat Table Backdrop

Treat Table Backdrop: For the backdrop I used this Rainbow Fringe Curtain. The ballon garland was a kit from Amazon, it came with everything you need to make it except a balloon pump. I have this one and it’s been good to me. Lastly, I added the super fun tie-dye leaves I found a Michaels. They are no longer available but you could add these colorful ones for a pop!

Tie Dye Party Plates and Napkins

Tableware: For the tables this tablecloths worked well but keep in mind they are paper so you have to be very careful with them. I added these matching plates and napkins. For our smoothie machine I used matching cups and these color changing straws which were super fun!

Hope you have a groovy time at your Tie-Dye Summer Pool Party! Let me know how it goes!


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