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8 Of The Best Stores For Your Event Purchases

I host many of events and have purchased a lot of items. There are some great stores out there but here a few that I use to purchase products for my events:

Michaels is great for odds and ends stuff. Usually it’s flowers or seasonal decor. If you have the app you can use weekly coupons for items that are not on sale. They also have curbside pickup which is super helpful!

Hobby Lobby is another craft and decor store that I use a lot. They have a large variety of florals as well as seasonal items. They do not carry much online so I always go in the store for the best selections. Most of their items go on sale eventually so be on the lookout!

Party City is a given for parties! If you have a theme they feature it can be super easy to decorate a full party. I use Party City for when I need a certain color of candy or decoration. They also carry balloons and will inflate them for you if you don’t want to deal with a helium tank.

Oriental Trading is an oldie but a goodie! My mom even used them when we lived in a rural town of Nevada. They ship quickly and have a great selection of items. If you need things in bulk like crafts or small favors/toys, this is your place!

Amazon, what’s not to love about fast shipping and large selections? Amazon is my go to for items that are super hard to find or when I need something quickly. Watch out for prices though, sometimes they are more expensive than local stores.

Efavormart is a new store I found. Their products are unique and great quality. They have very beautiful items at a great price. Just purchase a few weeks before your event to make sure they arrive on time!

Etsy is perfect for custom party items! I have used them for downloadable things so it’s quick and no need to wait for something to ship!

If you have any other websites you suggest for party and event items please comment below!

Happy Hosting!


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