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A Complete Guide To Hosting A Cool Kids Summer Party

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At the end of the school year my family and I love to throw a beginning of summer party. One year the theme was “Cool Kids and Popsicles”. Here is the ultimate guide to create your own Cool Kid Party!

Cool kids popsicle party decoration sign

Let’s start with the entrances. Oriental Trading was my go to place for this party! They have so many great popsicle themed supplies. I added these cute yard signs on the curb so all the kids would see them when arriving. (Just letting them know how cool they are) Then I tied balloons to the gate to show our guests where to enter to the backyard.

Cool kids popsicle party treat table desserts

Now let’s move on to the food! For the dessert table I ordered some popsicle lollipops which are no longer available but I found these and they would be a perfect addition! You could even use this centerpiece to hold them! Next, was a popsicle dessert tower from OT where I filled the cones with colorful skittles. Lastly, I found a local cookie decorator on FB Marketplace who made these super cute popsicle sugar cookies! Then displayed them on a Wilton dessert tower. And of course we gave real popsicles out!

Cool kids popsicle party napkins and plates

For the lunch table there were popsicle plates & napkins. Colorful plasticware and of course both tables were covered with the OT popsicle tablecloths.

Cool kids popsicle pool party

Now for the fun!

If you have a pool, head over to Amazon to grab a variety of popsicle floats like these: Orange Popsicle

No pool? One year we rented a water inflatable! Try to find one that has fun colors to match. Or buy this Ice Pop Splash Pad.

What’s a party without a photo booth? OT has adorable popsicle themed photo props your kids will love!

Happy Hosting Your Cool Kid Summer Party!


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