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Ideas That Will Make Your Candyland Birthday Party Sweet!

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For this post we’re going way back. Way back to 2008 when my daughter Corina was in love with a Candyland matching game she had. So I decided to do a Candyland theme for her 3rd birthday. Here are some of my photos and tips to make your Candyland party super sweet! (Bear with me on these photos, they were taken over 15 years ago, lol)

Candyland Birthday Party DECORATION

Candyland of course is all about sweets! For these wall decorations I blew up various colors of balloons and covered them with clear cellophane. Then taped them to the large mirrored wall. If you would rather purchase these candy balloons, they would look amazing too!

I cut out gingerbread men from poster board, these are made to look like the place markers in the original Candyland game.

On the floor I taped various colored poster board and made a path from the front door to the backyard to make it look like the path on the Candyland game board. Or you can purchase this runner from Amazon to make it easy.

On the entry table was a guessing game. Each guest wrote down how many jelly beans they thought were in the jar and placed their guess in the basket. The correct or closest guess was the winner. The prize was of course, a Candyland board game!

In the backyard there were more decorations to make it look like our guests were in the board game. Here is the Peppermint Forest. Luckily I was able to find some old Christmas light candy canes (this was difficult in June in Las Vegas, lol). Amazon has a nice set here.

Then they traveled to the Lollipop Woods. These were made from foam that I painted with swirls. I covered them with colored cellophane and placed on a stick.

Of course all the kids favorite was the jump house. I rented one that was in the shape of a castle. Then made a sign on the computer to label it Candy Castle, which is the final destination on the Candyland board game. You cana lso just add these candy cane cutout letters to a white board.

Candyland Birthday CAKE

Now for the cake! My mom was so talented at making cakes so I asked her to make one that looked like Princess Frostine! The cake was placed on a glass table. I sprayed the glass table with window ice spray and labeled it “Snowflake Lake”. My daughter loved it!

Now a days there are some great items that you can just buy instead of making everything yourself! Here are a few I found that are super cool! Just click the photo to bring up the webpage to learn more.

Candyland Birthday Party FINDS

If this post inspired you with ideas on how to make a Candyland Birthday Party, comment below! Happy Hosting!


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