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Essentials you need for outdoor dining or parties

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Here is a list of essentials for hosting an outdoor party or just a small dinner with friends:


Let’s start with the table. When there is a large crowd or party disposable plates and cutlery are a must. If you want to bring it up a notch for an outdoor dinner with friends then you want these! Melamine tableware sets are the best for this. They look like real plates you would use indoors but they are light and not easily breakable. This set from Amazon look similar to the ones I have. They come in so many fun colors that you can mix and match if desired.


Drinkware is also something you may want to step up a notch from disposable but not bring out your nice glasses from the kitchen. These Draclear tumblers are amazing. We have these at home at love them. There are so many fun colors to choose from our you can just go classic with clear. There are also matching wine glasses!


Now to fill those cups up! If you don’t have canned or bottled beverages, then you need a beverage dispenser. Since we are talking outdoors, plastic or acrylic dispensers are great! Here are a few I love:

Stainless Steel w/ Infuser – Great for larger groups

Claro Acrylic Drink Dispenser - from Crate and Barrel fro $45


Since were outside there is bound to be some pesky insects. We personally have our lawn treated a few times each summer to keep the mosquitoes at bay. If that’s not something that interests you then these are great options:

Citronella candles:

Hausware candle set – these from Amazon are fun!

PB Insect trap– Don’t want to so candles? These insect traps from PB are awesome. This particular one will cover 1/4 acre.

Want to keep the bug out of your drinks? These ventilated wine glass covers are perfect to keep your wine safe.


Lighting adds a nice touch to any outdoor event. We have these string lights in our backyard and they have made it through our harsh winters and are still doing great!

There is also solar powered ones found here.

If you prefer smaller ones that can be wrapped around a tree or lattice then these are perfect!

The last but most important ESSENTIAL for hosting outdoors is to to have a good time! Remember that the host sets the tone for the event. Relax, have a good time and don’t stress.

Happy outdoor hosting!


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