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Far Far Away Celebration

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Sometimes vacations and birthdays just happen to line up. Making a little celebration for your loved one’s special day can be easy and meaningful. Here are a few tips and ideas you can implement for your next far, far away celebration!


POOL PARTY TIME: Decorate your pool/beach umbrella! This is an easy and fun way to make the birthday boy or girl feel super special. On our last trip we had a golden birthday for a sweet 10 year old girl while we were in Mexico. I hung a Mexico themed banner on the umbrella.


I also hung a mini piñata filled with candy for the birthday girl. Amazon has quite a few mini piñatas to choose from that would make any birthday kid smile!

You can hang some number balloons like these from Amazon. You just blow them up with the included straw. Don’t forget to bring scissors & tape to help hang everything just incase!

BATH TIME FUN: Another fun way to celebrate is by bringing some balloons and bubble along with you. Fill the bath with bubbles and inflated balloons. If your hotel has butlers they can help you with this while you are all enjoying dinner. You can even add some of their favorite snacks or desserts. Then when the birthday boy or girl returns….SURPRISE!

LET’S EAT CAKE: Treat them to a birthday cake! One year my friend ordered a gluten free birthday cake and had it delivered to my room while I was at dinner. Most resorts are very accommodating when asked nicely. If you’re in the states you can locate a nearby bakery and place an order ahead of time to pick up or be delivered.

DECORATE THE GUEST OF HONOR: Not only is it fun to decorate the room or umbrellas. You can also decorate the birthday girl/boy with these fun sashes, buttons or crowns: Birthday Girl Sash Sash & Tiara Combo Birthday Button Birthday Boy Crown/Sash/Button Combo

Lastly, don’t forget it’s not just for kids! I surprised my husband with renting out an indoor cabana! We decorated it for his 40th birthday and ordered a cake from a local bakery. We also ordered some custom koozies for everyone to use for the weekend to help celebrate!

Hope you have a blast celebrating a birthday in a far off land!


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