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Step Right Up To This Carnival Themed Birthday!

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For my daughter Sydney’s 9th birthday she wanted a carnival themed party. This one was a blast and probably one of my most favorite parties I have ever done for my girls. So step right up and see how you can make a carnival themed party too!


When all the kids arrived we gave them some fake money so they could purchase carnival tickets to play games. Each game had a small prize when they won! You can purchase a roll of tickets here on Amazon for $8.

Carnival Birthday Party Table Decor

Most of the decorations and items I purchased from this party came from Oriental Trading. They have SO many great items.

Foil Carnival Door Curtain Sign: Oriental trading for $21.99. Instead of putting it on a doorway I used it as a sign behind the food table.

Treat Stands with cones: Oriental Trading for $11.99

Carnival Tableware Kit: Set of 8 at OT for $14.99

If Amazon is more our place to order check out my Amazon Idea List here

Ceiling Banner: Luckily, the basement ceilings were low so I could add this super cool carnival themed ceiling curtain. You can grab it at Oriental Trading for $7.99

Carnival Birthday Party

DART GAME: I made a balloon popping game by just using an old cork board I had and some darts from our dart game. Super easy to make.

Carnival Birthday Party Games

If you don’t have a cork board Walmart carries on that is 2’x3′ for $21.37. They also have a cheap set of darts for $8.78

PING PONG TOSS: For this game I taped a poster board to the girl’s art easel. Next, glued solo cups to the poster board. Then bought some ping pong balls. The kids tried to toss the balls into the cups to win a prize.

DISC DROP GAME: Who doesn’t love a game that’s like Plinko? I had to get this! For $24.99 at Oriental Trading.

COIN TOSS GAME: This one from Amazon looks super fun!

I don’t remember what prizes we used for these but like I said above, Oriental Trading has sooooo many great options for prizes by the dozens. SKEEBALL: Who doesn't love this game? This one from Amazon is great!

Carnival Birthday Party Photo Backdrop

PHOTO BOOTH: What’s a party without a photo booth right? Oriental Trading has a great photo prop set for $9.79.

Just place a red table cloth up on a wall or door and you’ve got a photo booth! Or check out this super cool backdrop from OT.

FOOD: Now let’s talk food. We had a popcorn machine already so I just added a sign I made on the computer. If you don’t have a popcorn machine. You can pop some microwave popcorn and put them in these fun bags from Amazon for $8.49

Then I added bottle labels to colorful soda bottles. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them anymore but you can get some custom from Etsy. Just download and print!

LET’S EAT CAKE: Lastly, was the cake. Well,

Carnival Birthday Party Cupcakes

cupcakes really. I made these to look like snow cones. All you have to do is make regular cupcakes and top with white frosting. Place in the treat cones. Then use 3 different colors of sprinkles to create a look of different snow cone syrup flavors. Loved making these and eating them as well!

Like I have said previously, Oriental Trading has the MOST carnival themed goodies I have found.Here is a link to see them all!

Hope you have a blast at your very own Carnival Party!


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