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Christmas Sweets Party

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Need a sweet idea for a Christmas Party? I have one right here! A few years ago I hosted a Christmas party with Christmas Sweets as the theme. Here is how it went:

 Christmas Sweets Party Decoration


Let’s begin with decorations. Just think anything sweet that has to do with Christmas! This was a few years ago so it may be hard to find these exact decorations for your party. Most of my decor was from Hobby Lobby. Every year they change style a bit but I'm sure you will be able to find some similar. Or check out Micheals!

For the filler in the vase I used pastel gum balls you can find at Party City. And covered the base with fake snow. At Home also has tons of cute gingerbread decorations!

For plates, these gingerbread house plates from My Mind's Eye would be perfect!


For one of the activities we did oreos dipped in melted colored candy from Michaels. Then the kids covered them with sprinkles.

Christmas Sweets Party Dessert DIY

Another activity we had was to make a bag of reindeer food! All you need is oats, sprinkles and a baggie. I printed out a sign and placed it by the bowl. You can staple these adorable bag toppers on them too!

Christmas Sweets Party Activity

Craft time:

For this first craft we had the kids fill clear plastic ball ornaments with the sprinkles. Then write their names on the ornament with a gold or silver sharpie.

The second craft we made was frosted animal cookie ornaments. Here is a step by step guide on how you can make them. They do have to bake so you may want to do this craft before any other activities.

Christmas Sweets Party Ornament crafts


Lastly, we did a costume contest this time where each family was to dress up in something that had to do with anything sweet. One family did treats you would eat at a circus, another was a gingerbread family, we were all the holiday drinks at Starbucks. The winning family’s costumes were from the movie ‘Elf’, where he talks about the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest! We took pics and facebook vote on these and the winning family received a prize.

Christmas Sweets Party Outfit Competition

Can’t wait to hear about your sweet Christmas party! Happy Hosting!


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